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Trying to decide if you should try 100% Pure? This 100 Percent Pure review may help. So far, I have tried only three 100% Percent Pure products, but based on my experience with this company, I will be trying a lot more products in the near future. As I try a new product, I will add it to the reviews. This particular post, however, is meant to be a general review of the company and not of specific products. Specific product reviews will soon follow.

I had my first experience with 100% Pure a few weeks ago, soon after I made a commitment to buy only cruelty-free products, be it makeup, hair products, or whatever. I was impressed by the company’s commitment to formulating natural, plant-based cosmetics but most of all, I was impressed by their stance on animal testing and cruelty.

100% Percent Pure, not owned by any parent company, is  100% cruelty-free. All products are completely animal cruelty-free and animal by product-free.  Susie Wang, founder, and her company show compassion for all animals, even sharks. 100% Pure sources squalene, a nutrient widely used in cosmetics, from olive oil instead of shark liver. Sadly, many cosmetics companies exploit sharks for this nutrient. Sharks may have gotten a bad rap with the 1975 hit movie, Jaws, but sharks are living creatures and have their place in the ocean’s ecological system.

The company uses lots of fruits and vegetables in formulating it’s products, but never toxic chemicals. While most well-known cosmetics companies color makeup with chemical dyes that can contain dangerous toxins, even mercury and lead, 100% Percent Pure’s makeup is fruit pigmented.

100% Pure has a full line of cruelty-free vegan makeup and skin care products. They have everything you’d expect to find in a luxury cosmetics line, including three different foundations. The Fruit Pigmented Healthy Foundation is a full coverage foundation that contains sunscreen. 2nd Skin Foundation is a medium to full coverage foundation that is buildable, meaning you can add layers of foundation to achieve your desired coverage. 2nd Skin Foundation does not contain sunscreen, which makes it a great choice for anyone who is allergic to sunscreen ingredients. The other foundation choice is a tinted moisturizer, made with fruit and vegetable pigments. It provides a lightweight coverage and uses bamboo silica to diminish fine lines and pores.

Other products you’ll find at 100% Pure include nail polish, makeup brushes and tools, shampoos and conditioners, bath and body products such as shower gels, naturally scented bar soaps, and hand creams. They also have baby products- something you probably won’t find at the cosmetics counter of typical high-end makeup brands.

Need a convincing  gift for someone you are trying to persuade to go cruelty-free? You can find a variety of well-thought out gift sets for any occasion at 100 Percent Pure.

Ordering is fast and easy, and if your order totals $50 or more, you get free shipping! And if you need your products fast, you won’t be disappointed. They are shipped priority mail and arrive with impressive speed. I have placed two orders with this company, and I had my products within 2 to 3 days. That’s really fantastic considering they were shipped from California, and I live on the east coast!

If you’re worried about being stuck with products you can’t use or don’t like, don’t be! You have 30 days to return any product for an exchange or refund, even if you have used it. Fair enough. The wording on their site states “gently used” which obviously means a product you have tried a couple of times and don’t like. They probably wouldn’t want you to use half a bottle of foundation then try to send it back, but at least you can order with confidence knowing if you get the wrong color or it’s not what you expected, you can return it. While some companies offer a much longer return period, 30 days is plenty of time for me to know if I want to keep a product or not.

Oh, and I almost forgot..the products are packaged in completely biodegradable packaging. Another plus to consider.

Bottom Line: 100% Pure is committed to high quality cosmetics that are 100% vegan and cruelty free and the company stands behind it’s products, so you can order with confidence!

Thanks for reading! Hope this helps!

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