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You’ve been dreaming of this day all your life. Your wedding day. It’s your own personal fairy tale. You want to look the part. You want to look show-stopping, stunning, captivatingly beautiful…. and you shall. But your ethics will not be forgotten. No products tested on animals will have any part in your big day, your celebration of love. Because cruelty is not beautiful. But compassion is. And you can enjoy your special day to the fullest, your fairytale dream fulfilled, knowing that no animals were harmed with your perfect cruelty-free wedding makeup.

I’ve put together a list of makeup must-haves that will help you become the dazzling bride you dream of being.  I’ve included at least two fabulous products in each category so you can choose the one that is ideal for you. And because a wedding can get expensive rather quickly, I have included a budget-friendly pick in each category.


Before you apply foundation, you may want to choose a primer to give you the smoothest canvass upon which to create your seamlessly flawless look. A primer should be applied after your moisturizer. It helps smooth fine lines and minimize pores. It helps your foundation glide on smoothly, evenly, and helps it last much longer. You only need a little. Just apply with fingertips before applying foundation.primer

I suggest Juice Beauty Phyto-Pigments Illuminating Primer or 100% Pure Luminous Primer. I have used both and found them to be on target for helping minimize imperfections, creating a smooth effect, and making skin look more radiant. They are both ideal for sensitive skin, and both are vegan.

Budget-friendly pick: e.l.f. Face Primer –  I love this one because there are several formulas to choose from, so it’s like getting a custom face primer just for you! And according to Vegan Beauty Review, e.l.f. Cosmetics products are now all vegan. Yay!

Here’s a rundown of the e.l.f. primers:

  • Mineral Infused Face Primer is for all skin types. It minimizes redness and refines the complexion so your foundation looks even-toned.
  • Hydrating Face Primer is idea for normal to dry or dry skin. It is also suitable for normal skin, especially in the winter or in drier climates.
  • Poreless Face Primer is superb for minimizing pores, so if you have large pores, you will want to consider this one. It works great will all skin tones.
  • Brightening Lavender Face Primer is a neutralizing and tone adjusting primer for uneven, yellowy skin tones. You’ll love the way it works to help perfect and even out these undertones.  It can also neutralize redness caused by dry skin or other skin conditions.
  • Tone Adjusting Face Primer is similar to Brightening Lavender Face Primer, but this one is for correcting more overall blotchiness and minimizing redness.
  • Blemish Control Face Primer contains salicylic acid and tea tree extract to fight breakouts. If your skin is acne prone or on the oily side, this is your primer of choice.


Once you have prepared your face for foundation by applying a primer, you now get to apply the most important product of all, your foundation. Foundation is the ultimate key to a perfected, flawless face on your wedding day.wedding makeup

As a bride, all eyes will be on you! From the time you take that first step down the isle until you make your get away with your new hubby, everyone will be gazing at you, the lovely bride! You will be the center of attention for the entire day or evening. And don’t forget, there will be pictures galore! Your professional wedding photos will only be the beginning. Friends and family will be taking candid shots left and right. That means choosing a great foundation is essential!

Whether you want a polished, full-coverage look or you prefer your foundation to be a bit sheer to let your natural beauty shine through, one of these incredible foundations will fit the bill:

  • Juice Beauty Phyto-Pigments Flawless Serum Foundation – This is my all around favorite foundation for everyday and for special occasions alike. It’s great because the coverage is buildable. It’s basically medium to full coverage which makes it very versatile. Applying evenly over your face with a foundation brush will give you a beautiful medium coverage finish or you can easily achieve a smooth, flawless, full-coverage look by layering two coats with a foundation brush. And even with two coats, it feels so light and airy! It is available in 10 shades, is great for sensitive skin, and just so you know, it’s vegan!
  • 100% Pure Fruit Pigmented Healthy Foundation – This vegan foundation is the ideal creamy full-coverage foundation for a soft, silky smooth finish. It is excellent for concealing imperfections and giving you that sought after flawless look every bride wants. I love the finish this foundation provides, but it does contain sunscreen ingredients (titanium dioxide), which some women are allergic to. So if you are planning an outdoor event and are not allergic, this may be a great choice. There are 9 shades to choose from.
  • 100% Pure 2nd Skin Foundation – This foundation, also vegan, is perfect if you want a radiant look but prefer a more sheer foundation. It doesn’t contain sunscreen.  If you choose this foundation, you actually don’t need a primer, because it contains natural olive squalane which acts as a primer. 2nd Skin Foundation is available in 7 shades.
  • Kat Von D Lock-It Foundation – Planning a lengthy reception after your wedding? Worried about your makeup not holding up. Don’t worry. Kat Von D’s Lock-It Foundation won’t let you down. This foundation is long wearing. Kat Von-D claims that this foundation will keep you looking flawless for 24 hours without a touch-up. It provides a truly flawless full-coverage velvety matte finish and is available in 32 shades! And yes, it’s vegan!

Budget Friendly Picks:

  • wet n wild Coverall Creme Foundation – This foundation provides medium to full buildable coverage and a satin-matte finish. You’ll love the way it so beautifully covers imperfections. It’s available in 6 shades and is vegan.
  • wet n wild Photo Focus Foundation – Every wedding involves tons of pictures, and this foundation is formulated to give you the perfect photo finish in various lighting conditions. It’s vegan, and there are 20 shades to choose from!


Even if you choose a full coverage foundation, having a good concealer on hand in essential for any bride. Just when you least expect it, a little blemish can appear, and usually in a very noticeable spot like your nose or chin! Stop them in their tracks with a good concealer.blemish

Also, a concealer is perfect for covering any dark circles under your eyes. Even if you do not have them normally, you may end up with them on your wedding day if nerves keep you awake too long the night before! Just remember to always apply concealer over your foundation, not under. Then set your entire look with loose powder.

Juice Beauty Phyto-Pigments Perfecting Concealer comes in 5 shades. This vegan concealer blends so well as it covers imperfections and reduces the appearance of fine lines. It’s perfect paired with Juice Beauty Phyto-Pigments Flawless Serum Foundation.

For a concealer that’s not going anywhere for hours, try Kat Von D Lock-It Concealer Cream available in 21 colors. And like Kat Von D Lock-It Foundation, it’s vegan.

Budget-Friendly Pick: Hard Candy Glamoflauge Concealer provides heavy duty coverage for almost any flaw and is supposed to even cover tatoos, which is why it includes a matching pencil –  to help fill in any tatoo. This particular product is not vegan. Hard Candy attests that their products are never tested on animals at any level and are not sold in China. However, some of their products contain carmine.

A great budget-friendly pick that is vegan would be e.l.f. HD Lifting Concealer. It contains vitamin c, green tea, and mulberry. It only comes in 3 shades, but you can’t beat the price. It sells for around $3.00.


No, not just any mascara. If ever you needed smudge-free or waterproof mascara, it’s now. Although we love our raccoon friends, you don’t won’t to look like one when you walk down the aisle! Every bride has tears of joy, but they don’t have to ruin your beautiful wedding makeup. Choose one of these fabulous vegan mascaras, and you won’t have to worry. Better get some for your mom, too, because she’ll be as emotional as you are!mascara

Pacifica Aquarian Gaze Water-Resistant Mascara is formulated to lengthen and strengthen so you get long, gorgeous lashes. This is not a waterproof mascara, but as the name says, it is water-resistant so it resists tearing and perspiration. Pacifica products are all 100% cruelty-free and vegan. Nice to know!

Beauty Without Cruelty Waterproof Mascara resists those tears and is meant to last all day so your lashes look as great when you leave for your honeymoon as they did when you said “I do.” Beauty Without Cruelty Products are Leaping Bunny certified and Vegan Society certified.

Budget Friendly Pick: wet n wild MegaLength Waterproof Mascara is a real deal at around $2.99. Will this mascara hold up to anything on your wedding day? Well, here’s what wet n wild says about it, right from their website:

“The waterproof formula stays on through heavy rain, uncontrollable sobbing, and unbearable humidity. Oh, and swimming.”

While this mascara is cruelty-free, as are all wet n wild products, it does contain beeswax, so it’s not considered vegan.


Lipstick will complete your look as a stunningly gorgeous bride. It’s like the icing on the cake. While you don’t want to overdo, using a rich, full color lipstick can brighten your face and make your lips look lush and sensuous for that famous kiss. Keep in mind that rich, full color does not have to mean dark or bright. The color can be rich, even if the shade is light. Choose the shade that best compliments your hair and skin tone.

Here are some of the best cruelty-free, vegan lipsticks for brides:

100% Pure Cocoa Butter Semi-Matte Lipstick – This my top pick for brides because it gives you rich vibrant color that lasts and lasts. I can literally put this lipstick on in the morning and it will last through two meals and then some! This lipstick will look lovely, even as you enjoy wedding cake at your reception. And you literally don’t need a lip liner with this lipstick. It doesn’t feather at all.  It provides a semi-matte finish and is available in 11 shades.

Many of these shades are on the darker side, so if you need more choices in lighter shades, the Fruit Pigmented Pomegranite Oil Anti-Aging Lipstick offers several lighter shades. This lipstick is more moisturizing than the Cocoa Butter Semi-Matte Lipstick and comes in 12 gorgeous shades.

Juice Beauty Phyto-Pigments Liquid Lip – This liquid lip color is long-wearing and won’t dry lips. It will lavishly coat your lips in bold stay-true color. Choose from 9 shades for simply gorgeous lips to compliment your complexion.

Budget-Friendly Pick: wet n wild MegaLast Lip Color – At around $2.50 this lipstick gives you a lot of bang for the buck for sure! It’s truly long-wearing and none of the 26 eye-catching colors will feather or bleed. Wrap your lips in beautiful semi-matte color and you’ll be ready for anything on your wedding day!

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