More About Me

Hi. I hope you have visited my “New Here?” page. If you did, you probably already know who I am and why I created this site. But here is just a little more information about what got me started on this cruelty-free mission and a little more information about me in general and my involvement with animal rescue.

On February 14, 2017 I was researching a particular product when I made a very startling discovery. I ran head on into the realization that my favorite makeup brand wasn’t cruelty-free.

The unfortunate fact is that I had worn the same foundation for years and used the same brands of mascara, lipstick, etc. thinking all the time that they were cruelty-free. Can you imagine how I felt when I actually did a little research and found out that they weren’t? Just why I thought they were I am not quite sure except for the fact that the animal testing policies of many brands can be very misleading.  It just goes to show that things are not always as they appear on the surface. I have attempted to explain this a little better on my What is Cruelty-Free page.

My findings enticed me to do more and more research, and within a couple of hours, the way I view makeup and beauty products had changed in a dramatic way. Thus, the name of this site, Change of Heart Beauty, came to be. The name is also appropriate because I hope that I can also help you become cruelty-free in your choice of makeup and beauty products and that you will, in turn, help raise awareness by telling others about this site and encouraging them to also have a change of heart and choose cruelty-free.

I cannot bear the thoughts of anyone purposely inflicting pain on a sweet, precious animal. It is absolutely horrible and uncalled for. The animals are not going to wear beauty products, so why should they be tested on them? I cannot and I will not support or purchase products ever again from any company that participates in this practice or allows it in any way.

If I tell you I am an animal lover that is certainly true, but that doesn’t scratch the surface. I have a deep and undying passion for animals. I have dogs and cats that are my babies and live in my house. I love them very much,  but it goes way beyond that. When I am in the store buying cat food, people often ask, “How many cats do you have?” Would they believe me if I said somewhere around 100?

I care for numerous feral cat colonies (groups of cats living together outside/in the wild). I go to great lengths to care for these cats. I do what I can to get them spayed and neutered, keep them fed, and get veterinary care for them if they need it. I rescue kittens and cats all the time, and sometimes dogs as well. I have fostered when I can and helped place numerous animals in loving forever homes.

My wonderful husband helps with the feeding of these cats and, thankfully, I have a few really terrific friends who are animals lovers also that also do what they can for the animals as well, such as TNR (trap-neuter-return) the cats, provide shelters, and help collect food and monetary donations. Spay and neuter is very expensive even at low cost clinics when you have dozens of cats to bring in. 

My cat rescue and feral care efforts span three counties. I am a volunteer for a local humane society in one county which does cover the cost of most feral spays and neuters there. But my efforts in the other counties are generally my own as I am not connected with any organizations in those counties.

Since I am not a member of any animal rescue organization in South Carolina, I have begun a TNR project called Operation Community Cat in the small town of Chesnee, SC. I hope to eventually obtain 501c3 status for this non-profit operation. I encourage you to visit my Facebook page for Operation Community Cat. Even if you do not live anywhere near SC, seeing positive efforts for the good of animals can be uplifting if you are an animal lover, and in this case, especially if you are a cat lover.

If there is an animal hurt or in need, am drawn like a magnet to to help that animal, and I cannot explain that. That’s just the way it is! And I have realized that one way I can help them all is to choose only products that are not tested on animals and encourage others to do the same. 

Thank you for visiting Change of Heart Beauty, and I do hope you will come back often. I hope you will also spread the word and share posts that you like. Encourage every woman you know to purchase only products that are cruelty-free. Doing so can make a statement to those brands in the beauty industry that are not cruelty-free. We must have a strong voice for the animals because they cannot speak for themselves!

For the Love of Animals,