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I’m Linda. I love wearing makeup, fixing my hair, and enjoying nice body creams and lotions. But I do not enjoy knowing that animals are being subjected to cruel, painful tests and either die or are killed when they can’t be used any more. There is no beauty product worth the suffering and death of any animal. I’m sure you agree. 

I am so glad that we have many options that are cruelty-free when it comes to beauty products. I spend a lot of time researching and making sure a company is completely cruelty-free before I buy its products, so I created this site to share the information I find.

Here are the kinds of things you will find on this site:

Information and reviews about cruelty-free makeup, hair products, and bath and body products

General information or alerts about brands that are not cruelty free 

Updates or links to articles that relate to progress in putting an end to animal testing/animal cruelty

General information about animal testing

Occasionally, I may share an interesting, touching, or humorous animal story since I am involved in animal rescue plus have pets of my own

Here is what you will not find on this site:

Explicit or graphic information about animal cruelty or articles about actual experiments and testing done on animals –  I am totally against testing products on animals, at any level, in any way, but I can’t include details on this site.  They are too horrifying.

There are lots of sites that can provide you with that information, and the best starting point, if you would like to read about it, is PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals). My emotions will simply not allow me to write and publish that kind of information. 

I have read it, I do not like it, and I cannot write it.

When some people think about animal testing, they automatically think about the “laboratory rats” that we have all read or heard about. But I assure you that there are many other animals involved. I think all animal testing should be banned, including testing on mice and rats. They are God’s creatures, too. But everyone should be aware that testing is done on dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, monkeys, and other animals.

How tests are performed is important information to know, and everyone should be aware of what goes on behind the scenes so to speak. It’s just that when I read, write, or hear information that pertains to animal cruelty it haunts me for a very long time. I just can’t get it out of my mind. Thus, the reason I am promoting the cruelty free path and encouraging all women to take animal cruelty seriously and use only those products that are not involved in animal testing. Just please understand why, at this point, I cannot write detailed posts about animal testing on this site.

I’ve been interested in makeup for about as long as I can remember. I started experimenting with lipstick colors and other beauty items at a young age. When I was in high school, someone in my family would give me one of those beauty extravaganza type kits that all the department stores had every year at Christmas.

The older I got, the more my makeup became a part of me. It still is a part of me, and I never leave home without it! But I cannot and I will not wear makeup or purchase makeup, hair products, or bath and body products of any kind from any company that engages in animal testing in any way.

I hope this site will become a helpful resource for you as you join me on my journey to 100 percent cruelty-free beauty. Please read more about me on my More About Me page.

And for more information about what it means for a product to be cruelty-free, please go to my What is Cruelty-Free Page.

If you want to know more about how I created this site, or if you are interested in creating your own website or starting an online business, click here for more information. I am happy to help you!

For the Love of Animals,.