Finding great shampoo is something to be happy about for sure. Don’t you love it when you wash your hair and it looks shiny, clean, and healthy and feels as good as it looks? Even though we spend a lot of time styling our hair to get it to look the way we want it to look, the right shampoo can make as much difference as the right styling tools. We don’t all have the same hair type so we don’t all need the exact same shampoo. That’s why there are so many of them.

But no matter what type of hair we have or what our individual needs are, I’m glad we can agree that we want our shampoo to be cruelty-free. That’s why I wanted to share with you these 10 awesome cruelty-free shampoo brands. There is something here for everyone. Please be aware, though that although these are all cruelty-free, some are vegan and some are not. Some contain parabens or and some do not.

Paul Mitchell – John Paul Mitchell Systems prides itself on the fact that it never tests on animals. Paul Mitchell was the first professional beauty company to take a stand against animal testing. They offer vegan accessories, and a large percentage of their shampoos are vegan. And if you like 2 in 1 shampoo, Paul Mitchell Mitch is one of the best I’ve found.

Paul Mitchell even has shampoo for your pets! You should be aware that some of their shampoos do contain parabens, which are not always desirable. Still, the majority of shampoos tested on animals contain parabens, so I’ll take Paul Mitchell over those anytime.

Renpure – Many of these shampoos contain coconut oil, coconut milk, or argon oil. I love the Coconut Cream Nourishing Shampoo. It really leaves my hair looking shiny and  feeling soft but not limp. It also seems to enhance my natural hair color so the gray that has started appearing up there seems less noticeable! Renpure also makes cleansing conditioners in 3 different formulas for cater to different hair needs.

Renpure products are vegan and they attests that they never test products on animals but on themselves. That is a philosophy I love because I always say that the animals are not the ones that will use the products so it is senseless to test on them! Don’t you agree?

JASON – This company is Leaping Bunny certified. All of their products are not vegan. Some of them contain some animal ingredients, but JASON claims that no animals are harmed or stressed to obtain ingredients for their products. Cruelty-free dandruff shampoos are not always easy to find, but JASON makes one. JASON Dandruff Relief Shampoo is made with rosemary, olive, jojoba, and colloidal sulfur.

Yes To – The Yes To Shampoo line includes Yes to Coconut, Yes to Coconut and Argan Oil,Yes to Tea Trea, and Yes to Carrots shampoos. Yes to Coconut Shampoo and Yes to Coconut and Argan Oil Shampoo are both formulated to be “ultra moisturizing.” Yes to Tea Tree is a shampoo for dry itchy, scalp. There are two Yes to Carrots shampoos. One is designed to be a nourishing shampoo for normal to dry hair, and the other is another scalp relief shampoo for dry, flaky scalp. None of the Yes to Shampoo line is formulated for oily hair.

Yes To products are Leaping Bunny certified, but many of them are not vegan. Some products may contain beeswax, honey, or silk amino acids. The ingredients for each product can be found at Yes To included on each product’s individual page.

100% Pure – I couldn’t talk about cruelty-free shampoo without mentioning 100% Pure. 100% Pure has a variety of shampoos formulated for different hair needs and claims that they are gentle enough for all hair types including chemically treated. Their products are always cruelty-free. Most of their shampoos are vegan, and if not vegan, vegetarian. The reason some are not vegan is because they contain honey.  Each product is clearly identified as vegan or vegetarian on their site.

OGX – I love OGX products! There are so many formulas that contain natural oils to cater to a variety of hair types and needs. I love their philosophy even more than I love their products. They attest that they do not test finished products on animals nor to do they test at the ingredient level. They require their suppliers to supply data confirming that none of their products have been tested on animals. If they data is not supplied, the ingredients are not used. Wonderful! Although they do not claim to be a vegan company, most of their products do not contain animal ingredients. And they are paraben-free as well.

Beauty Without Cruelty – This brand’s Aromatherapy Shampoos are so pleasant to use if you like nice smelling shampoo but don’t want the scent to be heavy. The Daily Benefits Shampoo has a citrus scent and is meant for all hair types. The Aromatherapy Hair Care with lavender scent is a rejuvenating shampoo, also for all hair types. They also have a Rosemary Tea Tree Mint Shampoo which is formulated to make the scalp healthy.

If you have a problem with static, these shampoos may solve that problem. After shampooing with them, static in your hair is virtually non-existent.  All Beauty Without Cruelty Shampoos are Leaping Bunny Certified, Vegan Certified, and contain no parabens or synthetic fragrances. They are scented with natural oils.

Shea Moisture – Too many scents and varieties to choose from here! Shea Moisture has a shampoo for every hair type and then some! They are scented with a variety of natural oils and ingredients and contain no parabens or harmful chemicals. Some of their products do contain honey but most of their shampoos are vegan. They say they have always tested their products on their family but never on animals.

Avalon Organics – Nice. Very nice. Vegan. No harsh chemicals. Cruelty-free. Avalon organics shampoos are plant and offer several formulas to achieve different results, such as thickening, nourishing, or clarifying. Their shampoos are very gentle.

Giovanni – A salon quality shampoo developed by Arthur Guidotti, a hairstylist in Hollywood and Los Angeles who opened a salon in the 1960’s. His salon was frequented by many Hollywood celebrities. Guidotti noticed all the chemicals in hair care products were negatively affecting his hands. In the 1970’s, he created his own line of hair care products. Today, Giovanni is the number one selling brand of hair care products in the US Natural Products Industry.

The brand offers a very wide range of shampoos and including a maximum volume shampoo and an anti-dandruff shampoo. Giovanni products are not tested on animals and contain no parabens or other harmful chemicals. All of their products are vegan except the Magentic shampoo. This shampoo contains lactoferrin. Lactoferrin is a product found in milk. I personally do not see the need for this in cosmetics of any kind.

Isn’t it amazingly wonderful that all 10 of these brands are cruelty-free? It’s almost hard to decide which one to pick, isn’t it? In my opinion, they are all terrific shampoos. If you haven’t used one of these at all, then pick one that sounds like a winner for your hair type and personal preferences in terms of whether you want a vegan product and whether or not you are okay with some chemicals, like parabens. I really hate to recommend one over the other. If you have tried some of them but not others, then pick one you haven’t tried. It’s great to try new things!

If there is one here that is your favorite or you have a favorite cruelty-free brand not listed here, please tell us about it by leaving a comment.

Just one other thing. If this post was helpful in any way, please share it so that others might benefit from it also.  Thank you in advance, and thank you so much for reading!

For the Love of Animals,


  1. Monica says:

    I didn’t know that companies still tested on animals. I thought that had been banned. Your site is very informative. From now on I will be looking to see if the products I am buying are cruelty free. If they aren’t I will look into some on your site. If you have any suggestions for oily hair that would be great.

    1. Linda Kwasniewski says:

      Hi Monica. The EU banned animal testing in 2013, but there are still many limitations on that band so that it does not cover every single situation. But there has not been a ban implemented at all in the US, and Mainland China actually requires all cosmetics that come into the country to be tested on animals. So, unfortunately, we still have a long way to go. 

      Is there a cruelty-free shampoo for oily hair? Yes, there is. You may want to try Desert Essence Organics Lemon Tea Tree Shampoo to help wash away excess oil without removing moisture.  Desert Essence claims that it’s products are not tested on animals, and that they make sure their suppliers do not test either. In case you are wondering, this particular product is vegan. Their Organics line is all vegan except for their Mineral Sunscreen.

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