Merle Norman: Buy Online Or Find A Studio

Is Merle Norman Cruelty-Free? And if so, can you buy Merle Norman online?  I did a little research and hope I can answer those questions for you. The reason I titled this post Merle Norman: Buy Online Or Find A Studio is because that’s pretty much the only choices you have if you want to purchase their products. Unlike other high-end cosmetics, their brand is not sold in department stores.

I haven’t shopped for Merle Norman makeup in quite a while. When I started searching for only cruelty-free products, I never thought about Merle Norman. In my search for a new blush color, this company came across my radar. While I did not find this company to be Leaping Bunny Approved or PETA certified, I did find their animal testing policy on their website. Here it is, quoted verbatim:

I remember using Merle Norman’s Ultra Powder Foundation in 1995 when I got married. I used it instead of powder over my foundation to create a very smooth and flawless look. Using this product over foundation provides the ultimate in full coverage.  I wore it for my bridal portraits and again on my wedding day. I recently wrote a post a about cruelty-free wedding makeup. I would have included Merle Norman products in this post, but at the time, I didn’t realize that this company did not test on animals.

A little research goes a long way, as I have found that the company does not test on animals and that its Ultra Powder Foundation is still available today. This is one of the most versatile products I know of. It is a powder foundation that can be worn alone or over liquid foundation. To use over liquid foundation, dust it on with a powder brush or create the ultimate full-coverage flawless face by sponging it on. Then keep it with you throughout the day. It is ideal for touch-ups!

Merle Norman Cosmetics has been around for over 85 years. The company has franchise studios that can be found throughout the United States and also in a few international locations. And as a side note, I found that the company does not have studios in mainland China where animal testing is required. There is a studio in Hong Kong, which is not part of mainland China, and there is one in Taiwan. You may be happy to know that in 2016 Taiwan passed legislation to end cosmetics animal testing. Click here to go to that press release.

Merle Norman’s complete line is sold in its cosmetic studios. All products can be found on the company’s website but cannot be purchased on that site. So if no products can be purchased on their website, where can you buy Merle Norman Makeup online? The only places I have found are Amazon and Ebay. Not all products or shades can be purchased on Amazon, but I found that most of them can be. So if there is no studio near you, or you just like the convenience of purchasing online, try Amazon or Ebay. If you are interested in locating a Merle Norman Cosmetics Studio, you can do this quickly and easily by visiting this page on their website and entering your city, state, and zip code. 

If you are a Merle Norman fan, you know what a great selection of products and shades they offer. If you are new to this brand, you will be impressed by the company’s vast assortment of high-end products. You will find skin care, makeup, body care, and even fragrances. 

Makeovers are a routine part of the Merle Norman Studio experience. If you would like makeover, don’t hesitate to ask for one if you get a chance to visit a studio. 

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  1. christopher says:

    Wow, that is unusual that you cannot find their makeup on their site, nor in department stores. I have never heard of a company out there, but if they have been around for 85 years, there must be others.

    I recently watched some makeup tutorials for my girlfriend, so I could get a better understanding of how and why girls do it. I might have to check out Merle Norman since they do not test on animals, and seem to be very reputable.

    1. Linda Kwasniewski says:

      Hi Christopher. Yes, it is a bit unusual. They do have the store locator on their site, but their makeup cannot be ordered from there. In my opinion, this is probably because most of their studios are independently owned franchise locations and if products could be ordered directly from them, this may cut out a lot of spending at the studio locations. That in turn would result in less profits for those who own the studios. That is a great concept in one sense because it helps independent business owners.

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