Victoria’s Secret Has a Secret And It Isn’t Nice

Visit any reasonably sized shopping mall and you’ll likely find a Victoria’s Secret retail store. And when you do, you’ll probably find it buzzing with women of all ages, especially younger women. The brand is known for it’s sexy lingerie but also sells a variety of very popular fragrances, mists, body care products, and lip glosses and stains.

For years, Victoria’s Secret had was committed to being cruelty-free. But apparently profits take precedence over animals because the company now not only sells in China but also opened a flagship store in Shanghai in February of this year (2017). This means that the company is now required to pay for animal testing in China. If you care about animals at all, that should make you angry. It make me very angry. PETA no longer recognizes Victoria’s Secret as a cruelty-free company.

Any products brought into mainland China to be sold must undergo cruel tests on innocent animals. Some people dismiss this thinking that the tests could not be that bad, but they are very bad…very cruel.  Many brands that could otherwise be considered cruelty free are not because they are selling in China. Hong Kong and Macau are not part of Mainland China. In 2012, Hong Kong implemented a ban on animal testing hoping to serve as an example to mainland China. In 2016, Macau passed a law against the cruelty and torture of animals and subjecting animals to suffering.

Two of Victoria’s Secret’s sister companies, Henri Bendel and La Senza are recognized as cruelty free by PETA. Bath & Body Works, also a sister company, is recognized by PETA as cruelty free because the company does not engage in animal testing or sell products in mainland China. However, I was really disappointed to find out that the company “prohibits animal testing except in rare cases when required by government regulations.” 

I could not find any animal testing policy on the Bath & Body Works site, but Tashina Combs (Logical Harmony) posted a statement that she got from the company in January 2016 and also pointed out that while they do not currently sell products where animal testing is “required by law,” they would allow their products to undergo animal testing in the future if required by any market they sell in.

So what does that translate to? That Bath & Body Works is off my list, and I could not recommend it with a clear conscious. To me, cruelty-free means a true commitment to never test on animals. I hope that’s what it means for you to0.

So, what to do now?

First of all, don’t assume others know. Share this post. Spread the word.

Next, contact Victoria’s Secret (as I am about to do) and let them know you are very disappointed that they compromised their cruelty-free commitment and now support cruel animal tests in or order to sell in markets that require it. Let them know that you will no longer purchase their products as long as they are doing this.  You can contact them via Facebook:

In the case of Bath & Body Works, also contact them via Facebook: and tell them you are aware of their animal testing policy and are extremely disappointed that they would consider allowing their products to be tested on animals in the future if some markets required it. Let them know that because of this reason, you do not consider them a cruelty free company if their cruelty free status could change at any time.

Read more about Victoria’s Secret at PETA .

And, of course, opt for cruelty free alternatives to these brands. There are so many great brands out there that do not test their products on animals or pay for these kinds of tests in other countries.

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  1. Good afternoon,

    This really is disgusting news I was not aware of.
    On the other side, it does not surprise me either as humans have been used as Guiney pigs by big Pharma testing their pills with huge side effects just to make a profit at the price of our health.
    Time ago women and animals had no soul. Now it has been acknowledged by men that we have, about time.All living things should be treated with respect.

    Please keep informing, everybody should know!

    Regards, Taetske

    1. Hi and thanks for your comment. I have to agree with you about big pharma. We are better off looking for natural health remedies whenever possible. I am glad there are others who are aware of what is going on in that respect.
      The animal testing is what really infuriates me because animals cannot speak for themselves or defend themselves. And the testing does not benefit humans because we are so different, yet the cruelty continues. It is very sad.

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